medical assessments:

Pre-Employment Medical

The purpose of a Pre-Employment Medical Assessment is not to exclude, but rather to determine the safety and the suitability of the candidate in the proposed role. At The Work Doctor, we work closely in partnership with our clients to understand the specific risks and needs of their workplace, job roles, the demographics of the workforce and the level of risk that is able to be tolerated and managed within the business.


Commercial Driver Medical

Commercial Driver Medicals (nationally known as Fitness to Drive Assessments) are conducted to increase safety on the road for all, by ensuring drivers can adequately perform tasks when driving a heavy vehicle. Drivers of a commercial vehicle are required to comply with legislation and be  certified as 'fit to drive'  in accordance with the National Medical Standard of Assessing Fitness to Drive (updated in March 2012). Our medical assessments are conducted in accordance to these standards. 


Rail Safety Worker Medical

The Rail Workers Safety Medical forms a part of the Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010, which requires rail operators to have and implement a health management program for their employees. There are three types of rail medicals and each category is based on the role of the employee. 


Coal Mine Workers Medicals

All employees and contractors that are working on a coalmine site in Queensland are required to undergo a Queensland Coal Mine Workers Medical Assessment. This assessment is conducted before employment and periodically during employment. 


Confined Space Medical

Entering or working in a confined space can be hazardous and may impose extra physiological demands.  Workers in this environment require a specialised medical to determine suitability to confined spaces.


Injury management:

Injury Management Services

The Work Doctor offers comprehensive injury management services and strives to not only treat the injured worker but to work alongside employers to promote a smooth transition back into the workplace. Our clinics are fully equipped with treatment rooms that are capable of treating most workplace injuries.



General Vaccinations

The annual cost to Australian companies in lost time due to colds and flu is more than seven billion dollars. This proves the importance of providing vaccinations in your workplace. At The Work Doctor, our team will work alongside your company to provide a range of vaccinations including hepatitis and influenza. We are able to provide any course of vaccinations by request. 


Q-Fever Vaccinations

Q Fever is a disease that can be spread to humans mainly from cattle, sheep and goats. The germ is spread in the urine, faeces and milk, but birth fluids, the foetus and the placenta are the most dangerous sources. When infected fluids dry out, the germ can remain alive in the dust for years.


Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Yellow Fever is a serious disease which is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito found in certain parts of Africa and South America. Yellow Fever can be prevented through receiving the Yellow Fever Vaccine. 


Travel Vaccinations

Many professions have employees working either internationally or in environments which may require vaccinations to minimise the risk of acquiring a preventable disease. Some vaccinations may be mandatory upon entry and exit of certain countries.


health surveillance: 

Health Surveillance Services

Health Surveillance refers to the medical monitoring of workers that are at risk of being exposed to a hazardous substance. Health Surveillance Medicals offer the opportunity of early detection of diseases and intervention to halt or even reverse the disease process



Fitness for Duty Assessment

A Fitness for Duty Assessment is an assessment of an injured worker’s ability to safely carry out the inherent requirements of their role, wither their injury is work related or not. Our Occupational Physicians can assist employers with information and recommendations for an employee with an injury or illness with regards to suitability to return to a specific role by undertaking a Fitness for Duty assessment.


Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examinations (IME) were designed to provide insurers, employers or legal representatives with an independent opinion regarding a worker's injury and treatment with the purpose of assisting with decisions about rehabilitation, recovery, return to work and entitlements to compensation. 


Permanent Impairment Assessment

A Permanent Impairment Assessment (PI) is performed once the claimant has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI means that there is no likely improvement in their physical or psychological condition expected within the next 12 months or beyond.