Independent medical examination

Independent Medical Examinations (IME) were designed to provide insurers, employers or legal representatives with an independent opinion regarding a worker's injury and treatment, with the purpose of assisting with decisions about rehabilitation, recovery, return to work and entitlements to compensation. The role of an Independent Medical Examination is not to provide advice to injured workers about their condition, treatment or workers compensation claim - it is to consider all information available and determine a worker's ability to safely perform the essential inherent requirements of their role. 


This assessment will be conducted by one of our Occupational Physicians who all have obtained a level of expertise in addressing the requirements of an Independent Medical Examination report. This report may include advice on accepting a claim, the insurer’s ongoing liability and/or the worker’s level of capacity for employment and ongoing treatment. If they consider some other type of treatment that might further assist the worker, they will mention it in their report and may contact the worker's treating doctor to discuss treatment options. 


A referral for an independent medical examination occurs when medical information is:

  • Considered less than adequate or inconsistent;
  • Unavailable; OR
  • Where the referrer has been unable to resolve the issues related to the problem directly with the parties involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (faq's):

How do I request an Appointment?

You can request an appointment by contacting our administrative team on (07) 5574 5792. You will then be provided with our Independent Clinical Examination Referral Pack which we will request to be completed and returned to us. Once we have received this information, one of our Physician's will review the case and determine whether additional information is required, what the appropriate service is and when the next appointment is. You will then be contacted and informed of what our Physician's have recommended and the date of the appointment. 

What happens to the report?

The report will be generated within 10 business days and forwarded to the person who requested it.

is this funded by Medicare/Bupa/private health?

No, this is a private appointment and will need to be paid for in full by either the examinee, their employer or their legal representative.