General Vaccinations

The annual cost to Australian companies in lost time due to colds and flu is more than seven billion dollars. This proves the importance of providing vaccinations in your workplace. At The Work Doctor, our team will work alongside your company to provide a range of vaccinations including hepatitis and influenza. We are able to provide any course of vaccinations by request. 



Influenza (commonly known as "The Flu") is a fast spreading and highly contagious disease. In Australia it is estimated that the flu causes 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations annually.


Many employers take precautions against influenza by initiating a vaccination program with our clinic. This can be done by either organising our team to come to your workplace and do onsite vaccinations or by alerting your staff to come into our clinic for their vaccinations by appointment. 

Frequently asked Questions (Faq'S):

how do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by contacting our administrative team on (07) 5574 5792. 

How can I arrange for onsite vaccinations?

You can arrange for our specialised vaccination team to come to your workplace by contacting our administrative team on (07) 5574 5792. Our team will then liaise with you to find a time best suited for you and your workplace.

How can we arrange a vaccination program?

A vaccination program is a prepaid agreement which allows your staff to receive their vaccination at a time suitable to them. To enquire about our vaccination programs contact our administrative team on (07) 5574 5792.