Fitness for Duty Assessment

A Fitness for Duty Assessment is an assessment of an injured worker’s ability to safely carry out the inherent requirements of their role, wether their injury is work related or not. Our Occupational Physicians can assist employers with information and recommendations for an employee with an injury or illness with regards to suitability to return to a specific role by undertaking a Fitness for Duty assessment.


Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examinations (IME) were designed to provide insurers, employers or legal representatives with an independent opinion regarding a worker's injury and treatment, with the purpose of assisting with decisions about rehabilitation, recovery, return to work and entitlements to compensation. 


Permanent Impairment Assessment

A Permanent Impairment Assessment (PI) is performed once the claimant has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI means that there is no likely improvement in their physical or psychological condition expected within the next 12 months or beyond.